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. The prediction level 2 criterion> 20 occurs 6 times, so the numbers 3, 7, 9 and 15 predicted will not appear. All predictions are correct. Level 3 criteria that do not appear predicted> 20 of the probability of occurrence of the criteria in predic

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"I want to make Coimbatore a model city not only at the Indian level but at the international level," Mr Haasan added."Social networking sites have become a petri dish for many crimes," said Levine, a Facebook spokesperson. "They

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A Canadian couple from Chatham, Ontario are continuing their legal struggle over a £6 million lottery win. On September 20th, 2017 Maurice Thibeault won $6.1 million in the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Prize, but when his partner Denise Robertson returned to t

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The people in this family are so abnormal that everyone has 12 fingers and 12 toes! There are 25 special family members among 600 people born in a super family in India. The special thing is that each of them has 12 fingers and 12 toes. Normal people have

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A private company in Sikkim, Mumbai, operated, and another lottery ticket sold hundreds of miles, with a ratio of 1% of sales to advertising sales. Salesofthelotteryinfiscal2005However, the grand prize winner has been reluctant to show up. One day, two da

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