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After July 1, nearly 8.5 million registered taxpayers will be transferred to the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). GSTN needs to have a strong technical infrastructure to handle billions of transactions. Even a small failure can mean major damage. Wh

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t. You have chosen the option that suits you best. Good luck! "" The next part was posted on the post, but because the forum was rejected, I refused to edit! Therefore, I will split this post. This time you are going to make the second piece of

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Brother Imtiaz fears that due to Mr. Khan’s spare no effort, the 17-year-old daughter from his previous marriage will not be able to get his “right share” of his father’s property. Mr. Khan and Mr. Shabana have no children.The Indian government has ado…

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did anyone win the super lotto

There was a second winner from Illinois. Their basic number did not drop, but by Friday, the second winner won the second trophy in the jackpot, and all the number of winners matched bAccording to the report, the overall flight trajectory of the missile i

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According to local media reports, at 10 am on August 31, a chemical plant exploded in an industrial park in Duriya, Maharashtra. Video clips on social media showed that the explosion caused a fire and smoke billowed from the scene. The surrounding village

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